Happy 4th of July!

Happy Fourth to all! Hopefully today is a fun filled day with friends and family, remembering what it is we are celebrating today.

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Watch the Weather

If there is one thing I have learned when it comes to landscapes is that after a rain storm has gone by in the summer, you’d best be out with the camera. If the skies to the west are clear then odds are there will be some good light on some great clouds that evening. […]

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Camera for the Candid Moments

Every photographer should carry around a portable camera that has the quality of their DSLR’s and the compact-ability of a smartphone. Smartphones have proven be a useful tool for us photographers because it gives us a quick way to take a picture of something we like. They also fit into our pockets which makes them […]

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The Salmon Flies

Yes those are bugs. No I’m not going into another field of photography. This just happened to be one of those moments I couldn’t pass up. This past week the Salmon Flies have started to emerge from the water which for fly fisherman is a really big part of Spring fishing. Salmon flies are very […]

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A Little Color Is All It Takes

Working up in the arctic the one photo you want to make sure you walk away with has ice in it. In Hudson Bay, everyday the ice would be somewhere else. The wind and tide is constantly keeping the icebergs moving so they never are in the same place twice. As a result, there are […]

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Wildlife Can Be Funny

Birds aren’t the only critters to work with in Churchill. We were constantly on the lookout for foxes, wolves, beluga’s and of course Arctic Hares. We saw over a dozen individuals, mostly crossing the road which they so often do. One individual came out at sunset and was quite cooperative. As the sun was getting […]

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Little White Jets

If you’ve ever spent much time around the ocean or the beach then at some point you’ve probably seen one member of the Tern family. There are seventeen types of terns in North America including natives and vagrants. They have great agility in the air and can travel long distances during migration. The Arctic Tern, […]

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Working a Nest

Nests can be a lot of fun to work because they provide a very unique window into the life of birds. Each one is different, each bird has a different way of protecting their own nest and the amount of time you can spend at each site varies. While watching nesting birds can be a […]

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The Shooting Perspective

Every shooting experience tells a different story. Each one has a subject and then a bunch of supporting details. With every decision, as a photographer, you make will change the story in the final photograph. When it comes to working with wildlife, things like the foreground and background make a dramatic difference in showing the […]

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Miss Piggy

For all you aviation enthusiasts out there, if you have ever been interested in crash sites then this is one that you might have heard of. In 1979 a C-46 Commando went down in Churchill after an engine failure caused a forced landing. The plane was set down just shy of the runway being unable […]

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