Happy Halloween!

The wolf has been a classic villain for years, as every child knows having grown up with stories like the Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood. Today they are still seen as villains by some as one of the dominate predators in the land. The reality and the fantasy of the creature will […]

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Personal Projects are Important!

Photography is filled with ups and downs as we are forced to create more content. It never gets easier but every now and then it can be rewarding. No matter what field you work in there is going to be those lows and highs. The question becomes how do you get past those lows when […]

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The Tiger Moth

The de Havilland DH.82 Tiger Moth is one the most recognizable biplanes in the world partly due to almost 9 thousand having been built. It was the primary trainer for all Commonwealth Fighter pilots and all of Britain’s top WWII Ace’s once flew the Tiger Moth. The Tiger Moth was Geoffrey de Havillands answer to […]

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Big Game Woes

When it comes to the vertical composition and big game the question most often asked is where do you crop into the subject? Shoulders, neck line, legs, you really have to be careful what you include and what you don’t because it can really look odd if you aren’t. For instance, just like with a […]

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Spot Lighting Works on Rapids

It’s great when everything comes together and you get that perfect amount of light coming through the clouds right on the spot you want it to. It never seems to happen when you want it to but every now and then the heavens smile on us. Well this was one of those moments where everything […]

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Working the Canyon Light

I love working in canyons. The lighting is always interesting because the walls force light where you don’t expect it to be and as the sun moves across the sky it keeps changing lighting up new areas. The contrast between these areas can make for some amazing images. One spot I have spent a good […]

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Is There To Much Flare?

I always wonder about flare because I often include starbursts in my landscape shots when it is appealing to do so. It’s a simple and old technique to use a starburst. Simply close down and you should be able to get a result. Depending on if there is something between the sun and the camera, […]

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Steamy Goodness

Fall color isn’t the only thing worth going out for this time of year. One of my favorites has always been and will continue to be steam. After a cold night with fresh frost along the banks of the Madison River, the steam that comes up from the sun heating up the water molecules can […]

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Snow Patterns

Mother Nature can surprise us with some pretty unbelievable possibilities. They don’t always get noticed, in fact this is a great example of one that my friend would’ve stepped on. Freshly fallen snow is good for a number of different compositions including patterns. I love finding those patterns because it’s natures way of creating an […]

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Crazy Can Be Good

Not everyone fishes during or after a snow storm let alone when it’s below freezing but sometimes it yields rewards. For a photographer the reward is that freshly fallen snow, add in a great mountain range and top it off with a little spot lighting and boom you got something to work with. I talked […]

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