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Fall Landscape Photography

Fall is back and that means the brilliant oranges, yellows and reds are here too. While here in Gallatin Valley the Cottonwoods are just starting to turn, the signs that winter is approaching are everywhere. This is one of the times when I enjoy shooting the most because there are some many opportunities even if […]

September 22nd, 2015 | Comments Off on Fall Landscape Photography

First Snow has Fallen

It’s my favorite time of the year again when the first snow falls and the days are getting shorter. Sure the summer months are nice with the warm long days but for me, I grew up like a ski bum and having snow again is paradise. The shorter days means that sunrise is later, which […]

September 21st, 2015 | Comments Off on First Snow has Fallen

The Day the Air Force was Created

On this day in 1947 the United States Air Force was officially created and the United States Army Air Force was officially disbanded. For decades the command structure of the Air Force was disputed over. Starting with the Army Signal Corp in 1914, then the Army Air Corp in 1926, then the GHQ in 1935 […]

September 18th, 2015 | Comments Off on The Day the Air Force was Created

The B-17 Flying Fortress

There is one aircraft whose silhouette when seen flying is so easily recognizable that it brings out a feeling of freedom to anyone that witnesses it. It is one of the most iconic aircraft of WWII in part because hundreds of them took to the skies during the bombing campaign in Europe and the Mediterranean. […]

September 17th, 2015 | Comments Off on The B-17 Flying Fortress

Dust is the Answer!

Most of the time when you say the word dust to a photographer they get that angry annoyed look on their face having had to deal with dust at some point in the past either on their sensor or covering the body. Most of the time it is our nemesis as it represents the natural […]

September 16th, 2015 | Comments Off on Dust is the Answer!

Waiting Around with a Camera in Hand

While the F-86 Sabre was up flying I had some time to play around at the field. With the D4 and 200-400VR I did my usual thing of looking for other images. One of the nice things about the Bozeman Airport is that there are quite of few planes coming and going and of various […]

September 15th, 2015 | Comments Off on Waiting Around with a Camera in Hand

Watching History Fly

Back in July I got a call about this particular F-86 Sabre going up for test flights for the first time in 3.5 years. You can read the story of how that all came about here. Well this past week I got another call about the plane going back up for some more test flights. […]

September 14th, 2015 | Comments Off on Watching History Fly

In Front and Behind You

One of the great things about shooting landscapes is knowing that behind you could be the better image. While I was out this past weekend at the marsh, which happened to be next to the Gallatin River, I stopped on a bridge and shot a little bit while the sun was just about down. Now […]

September 11th, 2015 | Comments Off on In Front and Behind You

“Whistling Death” The Corsair

Out of all the warbirds I have spent time with over the years, there is one plane that I seem to keep coming back to and that’s the Corsair. This plane has one heck of legacy, so much so that I can honestly say that there is no way I’ll be able to write everything […]

September 10th, 2015 | Comments Off on “Whistling Death” The Corsair

All Roads Lead Somewhere

I love working with roads. It may seem odd to use in landscapes but they are a great simple way for the minds eye to move through an image. When it comes to my landscape photography I try to either exclude the man made objects that are often distracting from the overall scene or incorporate […]

September 9th, 2015 | Comments Off on All Roads Lead Somewhere