New Year, New Actions

It’s a new year which means it’s time to review all those old settings and presets that you have which contain the year 2017. One plugin I use all the time is Digimarc which adds a hidden watermark in my photographs. If a photo of mine is going on the web then it has to […]

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Happy New Year

May this new year be filled with great new friends, new adventures, and new photographs!

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Happy Holidays!

Here’s hoping that everyone is having a good time celebrating today with family and friends. Happy Holidays. Image Captured with Nikon D5, 18-35 f/3.5-4.5, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

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First Combat in a Long Legacy

The American Volunteer Group is one of the most studied and talked about combatants from WWII. Their legacy is a mix of lore and legends most of which are still debated. The veterans that are part of the group have slowly faded away to the point where only a handful remain. The one point that […]

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Planes in Snow

Snow is finally coming down in Bozeman which is great since it’s been such a warm and wet Fall. Every year it seems different and I still say Bozeman is the one place where it can be raining, snowing, and sunny at the same time in the same place. Often that means it can be […]

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It Makes Your Eyes Pop!

Nope I was talking about Flash not the fish, although it’s doing a pretty good job of that too. Flash doesn’t just make things brighter, it makes color pop and sometimes that’s more important then how bright the subject is. When it comes to working with a reflective subject you really have to be careful […]

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Shallow or Max DOF with Landscapes?

It’s fun to play around with this area because you can make some very interesting and some very bad images as a result. While I have some basic guidelines that I myself go by, I’m always playing around with landscapes because there is a lot of room to do just that. When it comes to […]

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When Blue Sky Landscapes Work

I often don’t like shooting landscapes that have just a blue sky because they are kind of boring. Unless there is a lot going on in the composition, having a lot of blue sky just doesn’t make for much of an interesting composition. Why is that? Landscapes are often a multitude of colors and there […]

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The Kingcobra

I wanted to post this yesterday but since yesterday was the anniversary of Pearl Harbor it seemed only fitting to push this back a day. The P-63 Kingcobra was somewhat of an unsung hero of WWII with most of the planes being sent to Russia under the Lend Lease Act. But with over 3,300 built […]

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A Day Not to Be Forgotten

Every year I talk about this day because it is one that must be remembered. Seventy Six years ago Pearl Harbor was attacked and in those few hours the fate for many was decided. It set this country on a course that could not be altered and for four years we fought for freedom. Today […]

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