Be Thankful

This Sunday is Mothers Day and is a very important day to be thankful. We all know them, we all love them, they do so much for us as we grow up, so remember to say thanks this weekend.

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Quick Portrait Tip

I’ve had to learn how to be a better photographer when it comes to portraiture and I know I have much more to learn but the one thing I have already picked up is to remind your subject before you lift the camera to do certain little things. A simple reminder to relax, smile, look […]

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Watching the Cycle of Life

One of the great parts about being a wildlife photographer is you get to watch the cycle of life unfold before you and then be able to share it with others. Just shy of a month ago I found a Canada Goose nest with a few eggs in it. I wrote a short post on […]

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In Honor of VE Day

Today is a day to honor the many sacrifices that were made many years ago. Seventy Two years ago, May 8th 1945 was declared VE Day, Victory Europe. The end of WWII in Europe had begun with the German surrender and while the war continued on in the Pacific and peace was not entirely secured […]

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Good Tool at Your Disposal

I’ve always said that when it comes to getting into aviation photography the best place to start is at an airshow. Well if you’re not used to the airshow circuit you may not know where to go. Thankfully there are a couple places online that contain a list of every airshow, not every fly-in those […]

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Those Pockets of Light

Working a forest can be a challenge, especially if you’re trying to show the whole forest in one image. The contrast between the darks and the lights can lead to an image where the subject matter is unclear. One of the solutions to make this scenario easier is to do a bracketed set and then […]

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A New Ranch To Explore

One of the reasons I became a photographer was because I enjoyed exploring. One of the great things about Montana is that there is a whole lot of area to explore. One of those areas I got to explore recently was a private ranch outside of Columbus and not only was it a huge ranch […]

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Those Aren’t Dust Spots

Have you ever had a photograph ruined because of a million bugs flying in front of you? Well I can’t say that it had ever happened to me before last Saturday bu that day one of the largest hatches I’ve ever seen occurred. There were literally millions of caddis’s everywhere along the Madison River. You […]

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Weekend Plans?

If there is one thing that determines where I go out shooting more then the light it’s the weather. Weather means clouds or no clouds, high wind or no wind, hard light or diffused light. All of these elements change where the best shooting locations will be for landscape and will change the behavior of […]

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Winter Weather

Despite the fact that it is spring right now, we are getting snow. While this is great for water content, we need as much as we can get, for photography it’s a little boring. Grey skies never make for really interesting subject matter but the key thing to remember is that they don’t always last. […]

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