Photographing Birds

Since yesterday I talked about Mammals today seemed perfect for birds. I truly love photographing birds because they provided a unique challenge that Mammals don’t. Birds don’t hold still. Granted most mammals tend to move around a lot but not like birds. Birds seem to be notorious for going to the one branch you don’t […]

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Photographing Mammals

I’m very fortunate to be back at Photoshop World teaching again on the Expo floor. My class is Thursday and it covers a multitude of things including Wildlife, Landscape, Aviation and if there’s time a little bit more. Why so much in one class? Well I’ve done a lot and thus can talk about a […]

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A New Species for the Files

If there is one lesson that you never want to learn the hard way it’s to always have a camera with you. Now I’ve blogged a lot over the last couple of years about my adventures fly fishing but it wasn’t until this year that I’ve found more value to those adventures then just the […]

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Different Values of Light

As we all know light plays a key role in our photographs. The value of light and where the light is having the most impact in each composition can change the entire story. When I started working this Dipper nest I noted one very key element, where the light came up. The light made a […]

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One of My Favorite Birds

The American Dipper is an amazing species that demonstrates the evolution of survival. This bird which is no bigger then a softball lives along streams and rivers and eats mainly aquatic insects. It’s dives underwater to catch it’s prey and actually has a special membrane over it’s eyes that allows it to see underwater. It’s […]

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Watch your Surroundings

This is a really important lesson because it is very easy to get sucked into that one subject you’re working with and then forget about everything else around you. While I was photographing the Osprey’s there was a lot else going on. The area where I was had a bunch of ponds and a bunch […]

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Nesting Birds in the Spring

Over the last couple of months I have slowly discovered new areas to go shooting certain species. One of the benefits of spending lots of time fishing is you tend to find a lot of bird species. A couple of weeks back I found a very accessible Osprey nest with both adults consistently diving and […]

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An Uncommon Sight

One species that I have long been fascinated with is the Nighthawk. Higthhawks and Nightjar’s are such unique species that they almost beg the attention. Part of that allure is their size and yet incredible maneuverability. Most often they can be seen at early morning or late evening right when all the insects come out […]

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Color Composition is Key

There are a lot of great bird species here in Montana but I always find time for the common species like the Yellow Headed Blackbird. It’s just a great photographic subject for multiple reasons. First off it’s a very approachable species. It’s easy to setup, be patient, and they will just come in around you […]

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Testing the D5 Speed

I spent some time yesterday with the D5 in the field and I have to say I really like this camera. Landscapes can only say so much about the capabilities of this camera. Since one of the big factors with the D5 is speed and better autofocus, moving subjects are really where it’s going to […]

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