Isolating those moments in Africa

Going to Africa I was torn between bringing my 200-400 and my 600f4. I was always told to bring the 200-400 because everyone said it was the perfect range of lens. Once I was there I completely understood why I was told that. It is a great range to use and I used my 70-200 […]

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The Clean Up Crew

Well the Safari was one hell of an experience! The amount of different species we saw in such a small time frame is truly astounding. In nine days of game drives I came back with over 70 different species photographed! Now some of those are fleeting moments of critters as we were passing by but […]

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Africa Rocks!

Hey Guys! It’s day eleven in Africa and it has been one heck of a trip! Being on Safari here in Mala Mala has been an amazing experience with seeing some truly beautiful creatures. The number of different species we have seen over the past five days is hard to believe. The best part is […]

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Big Game in Fall

The last lesson for the week is quite a simple one in context but can be the most difficult in the long run, in part because not everyone lives in an area where these guys live. The last lesson is to go out and find the big game. The big critters Elk, Deer, Bison, and […]

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The Brightest Spot

It’s been a great a busy week but I ended it on a good note by getting out and shooting some critters. I still feel really rusty and in some ways it shows. I was over at my friends ranch again working on a project for them, and when I was done I decided to […]

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Working the Wire

I love when life surprises me. I love it even more when I have my camera in hand. While out working the Madison I stumbled upon a couple of the locals and decided to talk with them for a while. At least as long as they would let me. One of the common species that […]

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A New albeit common one for the files

Yesterday I talked about going to those old haunts over and over again. Well as I said there is always the chance of improvement and then there is the chance of something new. While I was on the Gallatin I noticed this Spotted Sandpiper, a common bird but one that I have never photographed but […]

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My 1000th Blog Post!

You know it’s funny how fast time goes by. You start one project never knowing just how far it will go or how long you keep it going and before you know it, a few years have gone by and you’re left wondering where all that time went. Back in 2008 when I first started […]

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How do you get better Photographing critters?

This seems to be a popular topic and it’s one that I think about often. In reality there is a pretty obvious answer that always seems to get missed. You got to keep going out and trying. That really is the trick with it. Doing homework and finding out where the critters will be increase […]

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It’s Spring Time and the Critters are out There

It’s finally Spring and that means that the kids are out. I love this time of the year because there are so many possibilities of photographing parents and their kids doing what they do. It’s a whole other challenge of cpaturing that part of the life cycle without endangering the critter and it’s a very […]

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