The Other Subject on the River

Down the river only a mile from my Bald Eagle friend was another of the local inhabitants, the Osprey. It must’ve been a decent day to be out fishing but I didn’t get that memo. It was a similar setup to the eagle . This one was perched on a great branch across from a […]

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All it takes is Getting Out

Yesterday I talked about how I was going through the Gallatin Mountains, working a particular stretch of highway that goes through a canyon as it makes its way to West Yellowstone. Well that stretch goes through some beautiful areas along the Gallatin River and the river is home to many species. As I was driving […]

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That End of the Week Feeling

Don’t loose your heads over this one, but it’s Friday! It’s been a long week of writing and frankly I couldn’t think of anything else worth saying for today. In the absence of greatness humor finds its place. When working with critters I love finding those funny moments. It helps add a personal touch to […]

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The Watchers Above

Fall is a great time to be out shooting and not just the leafs. North American mammals are in their prime for the season and is a great time to be photographing the big boys that roam the land. One of my personal favorites has always been the Rocky Mountain BigHorn Sheep. Fall is great […]

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First Snow has Fallen

It’s my favorite time of the year again when the first snow falls and the days are getting shorter. Sure the summer months are nice with the warm long days but for me, I grew up like a ski bum and having snow again is paradise. The shorter days means that sunrise is later, which […]

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Wolves aren’t just in the North Anymore

For years I having been chasing the illusive image of the Grey Wolf. I have tried on countless times to get that awe inspiring image that captures the animals true beauty while telling their story. Apparently I have been looking in the wrong place. This made headlines last Friday but I kept forgetting to write […]

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National Park Service 99th Anniversary

Today is the 99th Anniversary of the creation of the National Park Service. For almost a century the NPS has helped maintain this countries natural beauties while helping others get involved and inspired with the world around them. There are 407 national parks in the United States and each one has something special to offer. […]

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A Special Day Around the World

Today is World Elephant Day. Think about that for a second. A day dedicated to just one animal all around the world. This one species has become such an image of love and admiration that people from around the world give thanks for it being here with us. Sadly over the years Elephant numbers have […]

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Bringing It All Together

When you put it all together, all the lessons, all the tips and tricks and the skills that you’ve learned to create not only that one image but every image after that one, well that’s when the real fun begins. Photography is a constant battle of keeping up and forging ahead. Nothing just happens overnight […]

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Our Feathered Friends

Working with birds can be some of the most relaxing hours you can have behind a camera when it comes to working with wildlife. Especially if the photography is going well. If it’s not then well it can be some of the most frustrating. It’s probably happened to every photographer out there who has tried […]

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