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A New Source of Inspiration

A couple months back I was honored when asked to be a part of this new website for inspiring and educating other photographers. It’s called PhotoPaths. The sole purpose of this website is to inspire other photographers and to help them stay inspired as they follow their passion. The entire site is setup with the […]

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Fast Cards are as Important as Fast Bodies

I talk a lot about my travels and especially the shooting adventures from those travels. Well there is one thing that I don’t talk enough about and it is one of the smallest pieces of tech I carry with me in the field and is probably the most important, flash cards. It’s an amazing piece […]

March 21st, 2014 | Comments Off
Shutter time Sid and Mac

My First Podcast

About a month ago I was asked by a couple of very nice people to be on my first ever podcast. Nervously, I agreed not knowing what curve ball questions I might get asked, which were a few. Well it turned out to be a ton of fun and a great conversation. I get asked […]

March 18th, 2014 | Comments Off

The D4s Now Available for Preorder

For all of you that have been waiting to see the next great thing from Nikon then your wait is almost over. You can now Preorder the new D4s. Having shot and seen the quality of the D4, I’m very curious to see what this new body can do. It has some impressive stats which […]

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Nikon Lenses

Huge Savings on Nikon Lenses

There are huge savings going on right now for Nikon Lenses. If you’re looking to update your gear or try something new than you might want to head over.

February 9th, 2014 | Comments Off

Cold Weather Gear

Well after the many weeks of warmish weather throughout January, we have finally gotten back to the cold temps. When I say cold, I mean down in the negatives, currently -15. It’s not so much the temp as the wind chill that gets you. In times like this it’s really important to think about what […]

February 7th, 2014 | Comments Off
blog screen

Oh Boy… Blog Maintenance

Yea I know it’s not the most original post I’ve come up with lately but it is an important one. Blog maitenance is a really important thing to keep up with. Sometimes that’s as simple as updating your site, your plugins, your links or anything else that might need it. Then again depending on how […]

February 6th, 2014 | Comments Off

Reviewing the D610

Well it had to happen eventually, my D610 on loan from BnH has gone back. I had some fun shooting with that camera and wanted to post a few last thoughts about the camera. I can honestly say that I wasn’t sure about the camera before I got my hands on it, but now that […]

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Never Something to Put off

This is probably the one area that drives me nuts, simply because I don’t know enough. There are experts in this field but even they don’t seem to know it all. Why is that? Because everyday it changes. I’m talking about computers. In today’s world they are incredibly important to keep up with however frustrating […]

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P&P Reno Article

The unforseen benefits of being a Photographer

It’s really cool to see your work getting published and it’s even better when you hear from someone else that they enjoy your work. But sometimes there is another value to the work. Over the last few years my family has been apart of the Reno Air Races and for the last two events, my […]

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