Are Photo Contests Worth it?

This is a question I’ve been asked a lot about because there are a lot of different opinions on the matter. Some say photo contests are great and others not so. Like everything else in photography it does come down to your own preference. For me I personally don’t go for contests anymore because I […]

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The People Make it Worthwhile

I know today is Thursday and that usually means I talk about some unique aircraft but since this is a very special week where I am currently in the field working with some unique aircraft, I’m actually going to push my usual Thursday post to tomorrow when I can properly explain what makes this week […]

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Astronomy Day

Yesterday was Montana Space Grant Consortium’s Astronomy Day hosted by the Museum of the Rockies. Every year the MSGC puts on this one event that targets K-12 graders that inspires and educates the kids in all matters aviation and aerospace related. Back in 2010 my buddy Ryan asked me to photograph the event and this […]

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My First Wedding Shoot, Part 2

Yesterday I blogged about overcoming some of the challenges of my first wedding shoot and showed some of the images from just the pre-ceremony, mostly shots of the little details that make up the whole event. Going into this whole project I tried to keep as open a mind as I could not knowing really […]

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My First Wedding Shoot, Part 1

Over the last few years I have learned one very important lesson in photography and that is always to be open to everything that comes your way. A while back I wrote about having to become a general photographer and taking advantage of all opportunities that come your way even if those are outside your […]

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A really good New Year Read

This is one of the really fun things about photography that sadly not everyone gets to do. Well since I can I thought I would promote my Dad. He has the guest blog spot over on Scott Kelby’s blog today and it’s a really good read if you’re stuck this new year trying to figure […]

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The Bonnie Springs Models

I never have been real big with working with models as subjects but ever since I started in Aviation the need arose to get better. It’s a common thread in photography to evolve or parish, thus is the same with life. At Bonnie Springs we had four great models, two cowboys and two saloon girls. […]

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Precon Photo Safari

Every time I go out shooting it is a different experience, usually because every time I go out either I get the shot that I wasn’t thinking I was going to get or something else comes up completely that i was predicting. It’s one of the best parts and the most frustrating parts of being […]

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This Time in Color!

Black and White wasn’t the only thing going for these guys, the light which wasn’t the greatest when we first got there, was getting better and helped create a lot of nice shadows. Shadows can be a very powerful aspect when included in the composition. For a lot of those shots when the light was […]

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The Reenactors

This past week at Photoshop World has just been a blast and it has gone by so fast that it’s hard for me to be back in my office already. Every Photoshop World is a little bit better than the last, partly because the staff is always trying to improve the experience for the participants. […]

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