Happy 100th Nikon!

What an amazing day for Nikon! The camera company with a humble beginning turned 100. I have shot with Nikon products for years and have never been disappointed. I can’t wait to see what the future will bring. Nikon has gone ahead and made that possible by revealing the D850. You can read about all […]

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Gotta Be Respectful

When it comes to working with wildlife every species deserves respect. Each one lives a life that we try to understand but we truly can’t since critters can’t talk to us with words, only body language and sounds. As photographers it is our jobs to interpret theses signals and acknowledge them. Well aquatic species are […]

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Big Storms, Big Drama

I always love chasing a good afternoon summer thunderstorm. Each one is different and each one can have some serious drama in the clouds. This brings up the old adage of the rule of thirds and a foreground anchor. Both of these are long held beliefs in the landscape world but both rules are easily […]

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The Big Picture

There are certain elements that exist within the areas you live that symbolize where you live. The connotation with Montana is of course the old west, cowboys, open space, etc. Well one element that I don’t incorporate as often are cows. Cattle is a big part of what makes Montana but in landscape shots they […]

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Black and White and Clouds

Apparently Dad and myself think on similar wavelengths because right before the holiday he had a similar post. If you’ve spent much time with landscapes in the summer, then you know it’s not just us. Summer time is a great time to be doing landscapes because the afternoon can lead to some amazing cloud formations. […]

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Watch the Weather

If there is one thing I have learned when it comes to landscapes is that after a rain storm has gone by in the summer, you’d best be out with the camera. If the skies to the west are clear then odds are there will be some good light on some great clouds that evening. […]

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Be Safe While Shooting

It’s that time of the year again when it’s great to be out hiking and shooting. Some of the best photos are off the beaten path but sometimes that path can be dangerous. It’s crucial that you remember that no photo is worth endangering yourself so here’s a few quick tips to stay safe to […]

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Those Pockets of Light

Working a forest can be a challenge, especially if you’re trying to show the whole forest in one image. The contrast between the darks and the lights can lead to an image where the subject matter is unclear. One of the solutions to make this scenario easier is to do a bracketed set and then […]

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A New Ranch To Explore

One of the reasons I became a photographer was because I enjoyed exploring. One of the great things about Montana is that there is a whole lot of area to explore. One of those areas I got to explore recently was a private ranch outside of Columbus and not only was it a huge ranch […]

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Those Aren’t Dust Spots

Have you ever had a photograph ruined because of a million bugs flying in front of you? Well I can’t say that it had ever happened to me before last Saturday bu that day one of the largest hatches I’ve ever seen occurred. There were literally millions of caddis’s everywhere along the Madison River. You […]

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