The Ghost Town Details

One thing there is a lot of in Montana are ghost towns and they are a photographers paradise. It’s a great place to let your imagination run wild as you are transported to another world. While there are many ways to photograph ghost towns and the attributes that make them special, one way that I […]

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Long Exposure’s with the Lake Lodge

After spending a little time at Oshkosh shooting the fireworks during the night performance, I was intrigued enough to continue trying long exposures at other locations. While up at Flathead Lake the Lakeside Lodge was a perfect subject for just this. This place is so immaculate that it’s hard to believe that it is owned […]

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The Vastness of Flathead Lake

This past weekend I was up at Flathead Lake attending a wedding and it was absolutely gorgeous. I don’t get up north that often but I’m sure glad when I do. Flathead is enormous and literally can take hours to drive around. the evening produced some amazing skies and with the D5 and 24-70mm f/2.8, […]

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Right Place, Wrong Camera

Have you ever been out shooting on assignment or a project, you get back and you want to go out again so you pack quickly and then as soon as you get to your next destination you realizes you grabbed the wrong gear? This usually doesn’t happen to me but it sure did yesterday. I […]

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Precon at Red Rock

Yesterday’s Precon was at Red Rock National Park and it was one of the best we had in Las Vegas. While landscape photography can always be a challenge, especially when it comes to getting up at 4am, the benefits of beating the heat made it worthwhile for everyone. Now Red Rock is a really cool […]

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Precon is Here!

Tuesday maybe the first official day of Photoshop World Las Vegas 2016 but today is Precon day! This is the day where instructors take groups of students out to various locations to learn in the field. Over the years I have gone to many precons and each one was fun and helpful. This year I […]

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Scale is Important in Landscapes

When working with landscapes the scale of the river, the mountains, the clouds or the visual plain are all very important. If you have a massive cloud bank and you’re trying to emphasize those clouds then you need to have less foreground. If the field in front of you is so massive, getting low and […]

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Driving back from North Dakota yesterday I drive around the edge of a massive storm cell that produced fierce winds and quarter sized hail. I was glad I was on the outskirts of the storm since the winds were pretty strong. I stopped at one point, grabbed the D5 and 18-35mm and took a few […]

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Can’t Beat Montana Thunderstorms

I know just about everyone says that their state gets the best thunderstorms but I do love them here in Montana. This day started out crystal clear and by the end of the afternoon we head one massive thunderhead smack dab above us. Thankfully we didn’t get any lightning which was good considering all of […]

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Love those Storm Clouds

I just can’t get enough of spring thunderstorms. The great cloud formations and the little bit of light that accentuate them can make for some great shooting. This is a simple click taken with the D5 and 24-70 AF-S.

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