Get out and Enjoy the Parks

This week marked the 99th Anniversary of the National Park Service. 292 million people visited National Parks in 2014. What will the numbers be like this year? I don’t know. But I can tell you that I will be among those people this year. Will you? National Parks, Monuments, Historic Sights, and Memorials are some […]

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National Park Service 99th Anniversary

Today is the 99th Anniversary of the creation of the National Park Service. For almost a century the NPS has helped maintain this countries natural beauties while helping others get involved and inspired with the world around them. There are 407 national parks in the United States and each one has something special to offer. […]

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Dealing with the Smoke

Well the smoke from the forest fires that have been burning off to the western half of the United States has finally found its way to Montana. Over the last week the smoke has slowly gotten worse and worse. Right now it’s so thick I can’t see more then half a mile out. The other […]

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First Look at Precon Chloride Ghostown

Well I wanted to make sure I got a quick post up about the Precon yesterday with a few examples of what the Chloride Ghostown had to offer. Now this was a ghostown that I had never been to before and is actually in Arizona just a little ways over the Nevada border. The town […]

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Making Those Really Big Images

Well this is the last post before Photoshop World next week and I thought I’d talk about one of my new favorite areas and that’s making Panos. With ACR 8.4 it’s now possible to select multiple images in ACR, combine them into a pano, then do the final touches. At first I thought this would […]

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Just a Touch of Light is All it Takes

I love the photographs that don’t require any post work, any explanation, or any serious thought. Simple images that tell a story can be so powerful. Positive Space and Negative Space play a big role in telling every story and when it comes to creating that contrast a little can go a long way. I’ve […]

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One Little Brush with Big Results

If you ever listened to me teach or read much on the blog then you know that I do use Adobe Camera Raw as the mainstay for my finishing work. For me it’s the fastest process for my workflow and that’s what matters the most. Keep in mind that Lightroom CC has the same controls […]

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Bringing It All Together

When you put it all together, all the lessons, all the tips and tricks and the skills that you’ve learned to create not only that one image but every image after that one, well that’s when the real fun begins. Photography is a constant battle of keeping up and forging ahead. Nothing just happens overnight […]

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Finishing Those Landscapes

Landscapes can be some of the most desirable images to add to any library but they can also produce some of the greatest challenges as often you have to look beyond just the obvious. One of the biggest misconceptions is that you have to go somewhere beautiful in order to create beautiful landscapes. Well it […]

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Snow in July!

Yes you read that title right. There is snow on the peaks of the Gallatin and Bridger Mountains in July! This place still amazes me and this is why. We had a real cold storm come through the other night, the temperature in the valley dropped below 50 and sure enough we got some snow […]

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