Going too Far

One thing that I have come to notice when it comes to photography blogs, and to be fair this does get asked a lot, is that photographers tend not to show their mistakes or at least what they believe are mistakes. To some degree it makes sense, this is a business and if you use […]

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Going Underground

Back in 2008 I was shooting with the D2Hs. It was my first truly professional camera body and I absolutely loved it. On my adventures throughout Montana I stumbled upon the Lewis and Clark Caverns. Despite the name it actually was never discovered by the pair but by a couple of ranchers who were stuck […]

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More Light Painting Ideas

Old haunts always present themselves with new challenges. Often it is the challenge of trying to come up with something new. This is Bear Trap Canyon where the Madison Dam is located and forms Ennis Lake. The Hydroelectric dam was built in the canyon back in the early 1900′s Today it has become a common […]

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Once Again Chasing the Clouds

Summer just keeps flying by. Pretty soon it will be time for the fall color and the fall rut. It seems like every year summer goes by faster. This year seems to have had a lot more storms come through our area then in the past couple of years. Maybe that’s just because I have […]

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A less Subtle look into Light Painting

The other day I talked about why and how I use ACR to bring out more drama in my landscape images. Most of the time I like to be subtle so that it’s not obvious what I’m doing. The reason being that I want people to stop and look at the image and say to […]

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A first Look at ACR Light Painting

Yesterday I announced that I was going to be speaking at the Adobe booth at Photoshop World this September. The topic I’m going to be speaking about is what I like to call Light painting in ACR. Here is a more in depth look at what that is. We all know that working with the […]

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Speaking at the Adobe Booth

I am happy to announce that this September at Photoshop World I will be giving my first presentation at none other than the Adobe Booth. I am so excited and a little bit anxious but it’s going to be fun. The topic I’m going to be talking about is what I like to call Light […]

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The Light Always comes Through

The smoke has finally found its way into the valley. We have had a very fortunate summer so far in which we haven’t had many fires or had to deal with much smoke. After the latest set of storms that have come through we now have a fire burning out in the Bitterroots. When we […]

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The options in the endless fields

The great thing about living in a valley surrounded by farms and ranches is having those long fields of wheat, alfalfa and barley to work with. Looking back out to the east as the sun went down the horizon had just a few puffies left but that was enough. With fields like these there are […]

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Working that Thunderstorm

Well I wasn’t kidding when I said on Monday that it has been a busy time but I got out for a little bit chasing the thunderstorm that we had a couple nights ago. It didn’t produce to much lightning but the god beams were fantastic. No barn to put with them but a large […]

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