Changing the Landscape

I really don’t like grey skies. They always seem to be so limiting that it almost takes the fun out of shooting. Usually when it happens it’s best to point the camera down as opposed to up. This was one of those times that it was just fun to point the camera wherever. After finishing […]

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Having Fun With the CoolPix

Photography is always about coming up with new ideas and overcoming greater challenges. It’s not easy and is a lot of hard work. Every now and then you have to get out and just have fun. While out fishing I did just that by taking simple shots of the frozen landscape. Frozen is a rather […]

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Always Carry Around a Camera

If there is one lesson that you don’t want to learn the hard way it is to always have a camera with you. It’s a little bit easier these days with the quality of modern cell phones, but it’s pretty nice to have a small camera in your pocket for those moments that come up […]

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Just Some Fun Friday Black and Whites

I was trying to come up with a great Friday blog post but every now and then a simple good end tot he week is all that is needed. Here’s to a fun weekend of shooting ahead.

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Why You Have to Visit Old Haunts

Exploration is one of the greatest parts of being a photographer. It’s the main reason I became a photographer. Driving around Montana has always been a great joy, even when it’s going back to the same places I have been before. A couple of years back I found a new canyon to drive into and […]

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The Light is Gone in a Blink

Light can come and go in a blink of an eye. There are a lot of days in the North where all we get is grey skies so when the skies break up for a while, you better believe everyone gets out. Just as fast as it disappears the clouds come back. While out chasing […]

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The Trees Tell the Story

As I talked about last week in a post about snow covered trees creating some of the best abstract patterns, while I was out this past weekend I found a clump of Cottonwoods backed by some Pine Trees that looked just amazing. This time of year we see a lot of bare trees which tends […]

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Look Left, Look Right

It’s the start of another week and that means another round of blogs. Oh the challenges of coming up with new topics gets harder and harder but that brings the joy of getting out shooting, to fulfill such topics. While I was out cruising this past weekend, which in itself if is a lot of […]

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The Unexpected

I originally went out the other day because of the clearer skies but as it normally happens the clouds kept moving and the clear skies turned into bald skies. Bald skies and mountains just don’t work for me. As I was moving up through the canyon I was presently surprised to see the mountains around […]

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Same Rock but Different Look

Well as is common with the afternoon light moving through any canyon, it’s always darkest at the bottom and the last light is always up top. When I looked back I saw this one rock that still had the afternoon light on it. While it would’ve been great to have a Mountain Goat or Bighorn […]

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