The First Snow of Fall

Every year around the first or second week of September we have our first snow fall of the year. The temps drop and we start getting that feeling that Fall is here and Winter is on the way. Last year at this time I was driving down to the Reno Air Races the same day […]

September 15th, 2014 | Comments Off

The Paradise Room

I was going to talk about this at Photoshop World during one of my presentations at the Adobe Booth but as I discovered while I was there, I had selected a lot more images then I was able to talk about during my presentation and was unable to talk about them all. So why not […]

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Arches National Park

This past week at Photoshop World I showed a number of different examples during my presentations. Some of the ones that I focused on were from the southwest, places like Arches, Canyonland, Fischer Towers and Moab. Well there are still a few that I want to work on so I keep putzing with them and […]

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Flying Back Home

I’ve been back home a day and it already feels like a lifetime ago that I was in Vegas. It was one heck of a good week and the rest of the year is shaping up pretty good. On the way back home I noticed that the sky was a lot clearer then when I […]

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Changing Perspectives

While shooting down in the turbine room it was really important to capture the size of everything that was in the room, from the people to the turbines. In order to accomplish this feat you had to get away from the edge of the platform and bring the people into the shot. Now you might […]

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Precon at Hoover Dam

Once again Photoshop World is moving by at a rapid pace! It still amazes me. Yet again we had another great Precon Photo Safari and this time we went over to the Hoover Dam. I’ve driven over the dam a couple of times but never really stopped and photographed the place. This time around we […]

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Out to BadWater

The night at the racetrack was a ton of fun but wasn’t enough star trails for the whole group so we decided to head another direction down to Badwater which was a bit of a different adventure. The whole lake bed was alkaline based which means sharp, pointy and really not nice for the shoes. […]

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Night over the Racetrack

So why did we drive a couple hours up a dirt road that was really bumpy? Well for the star trails of course. As it turned out the place we went too was especially beautiful with really nice cool temps and a gorgeous view. Having not done much with star trails in the past I […]

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Enjoying the Racetrack

There are a lot of traditions before and during Photoshop World and one of my personal favorites is the pre Photoshop World excursion that my good friend Russell Brown goes on before the conference starts. Now this only happens in Vegas and it’s for a select few but it is ALWAYS fun! The venue keeps […]

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Bringing out that foreground

We’ve all been there before. a great spot with a beautiful view and clouds! But flat light. It sucks but hey it could be worse. What do you do? Well the answer is you keep on shooting. I took this years ago up at Glacier National Park, one of my utmost favorite places to go, […]

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