Family’s are Important for Planes

A big part of aviation is the people that come out to see the planes. While the planes represent a significant historical look into the past, they are also a tool to get kids and veterans inspired and educated on what happened throughout WWII. The planes truly would not be here today if there was […]

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Five P-40’s Gets all the Attention

The Atlanta Warbird Weekend ended yesterday after two days of people coming out to see the five P-40’s that flew out for the event. It’s not very often that five P-40’s show up at any one event and the people that came out were true fans of the aircraft. Sunday people were staying until the […]

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A Great Start to Atlanta Warbird Weekend!

I’m down in Atlanta this weekend for the Atlanta Warbird Weekend being hosted at Dekalb Peachtree Airport in honor of the 75th Anniversary of the American Volunteer Group. The Texas Flying Legends Museum brought their two P-40’s down for the weekend piloted by Bernie Vasquez and Steve-o Hinton. The planes and crews arrived yesterday bringing […]

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Wishing Everyone a Safe Racing Weekend

For the next couple of days the Unlimiteds are flying at the Reno Championship Air Races, truly an amazing spectacle to behold! The planes are loud, fast and cool. I spent a lot of years at the Air Races and they were always a ton of fun. This shot of Voodoo was taken three years […]

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It all Starts with Statics

Where do you start with aviation photography? It’s on the ground. Static photography is one of the most challenging areas to work with planes and is often where most have issues but it is an essential area to master. Static photography present many challenges the greatest being the background. It’s rarely ever clean which means […]

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Just Show Up

This past week I was home in California with the folks working on a few projects with them and yesterday after they got back from their trip to Minot we met up in Reno at the Reno Air Races. Now for those that have followed my blog for a while you probably know that we […]

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Happy Worldwide Photo Day

As some of you might have heard today is Worldwide Photo Day. IT is a celebration not just for professional photographers but for anyone who enjoys taking pictures. It is meant to honor Joseph Nicèphore Nièpce and Louis Daguerre who in 1837 came up with a photographic process that was recognized in 1839 by the […]

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The Beginning of an Unfortunate Future

Today marks a small event in history that would later become a much larger one. On this day in 1941 the US Navy commissioned the Naval Air Station on Midway Atoll. A little over a year later on June 4 and 6 1942, the famous Battle for Midway was fought between the US Navy and […]

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Some Friday Fun

I have never been much for jets but I still photograph them as subject as opportunity. To me they just lack that luster that is there with warbirds and antiques. That’s just the way I mentally perceive them. They are still amazing pieces of machinery that can do some amazing things. In some ways they […]

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The P-64

EAA Airventure always has a lot to offer and this year was no different. One of the very special planes that was flew was Paul Poberezny’s North American P-64. For those that don’t know Paul Poberezny and his wife Audrey, started EAA many years ago. His old field, hangars and personnel memorabilia including his library […]

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