The Alaska Siberia Lend Lease Act

Seventy three years ago today marks the anniversary of the completion of the Alaska Highway. The original highway was 1,700 miles long and connects the lower forty eight states, through Canada up to Alaska. Today the highway is 1,387 miles long and is entirely paved. Since the development of the road it has since been […]

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My First Book Just Hit the Stands!

This past May a very important and special event occurred over our nations capitol, one that may never happen again. On May 8th, 1945 WWII in Germany ended with the German surrender. This was the day in which the actual document was signed in France. It was known afterward as Victory Europe or VE Day. […]

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It’s all about Your Perspective

It’s pretty simple title that says a whole lot. Perspective is everything in how we shoot because everyone’s perspective is different. If you’ve ever gone out shooting with a buddy and have both shot from the same spot at the same subject and got different results, then you know what I am talking about. Perspective […]

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A Good End to the Week

It’s been a long good week of getting things done and there is no better feeling then ending on a high note. Just how high? Well a couple thousand feet over Galveston Bay end the week I shot this pretty darn well. Photography is a constant struggle of weighing out the good days and the […]

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Why Not?

One of my favorite military performing teams is the Thunderbirds. The Blue Angels have their charms as does the Brietling Jet Team, Snowbirds and Heavy Metal Jet Team but personally I like the Thunderbirds. Maybe because they have such a great history behind them, maybe the name, maybe the color of their F-16’s but I […]

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Today in History

I’m always reading up on new dates in history and trying to remember them. That’s usually the hard part. I was doing some light reading the past night and found that today was the first day during WWII that B-29’s were launched from the Marianna Islands to bomb Truk Atoll. Truk was a major sea […]

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It Just Takes One

It’s amazing after spending a lot of time in a certain field of photography you start become “picky” at what you will and won’t point the camera too. While at Houston there were some aircraft that stood out to me and others that didn’t. This Stinson Reliant AT-19 part of the CAF’s Coyote Squadron of […]

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Working in the Sun

The sun can be a powerful element when included in a photograph. Some avoid it because it can be too overpowering but when used in the right way it can be an element of intrigue. When I’m working with critters I rarely have the sun directly in my photographs because I want the softer natural […]

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A Photo Flight of Paradise

It’s not everyday that you get to be part of history even if it is in the backseat. Ever since the announcement of the new addition to the Texas Flying Legends Museum fleet there has been questions of who and where the first photo flight will be. Warren Pietsch, director of flight operations for the […]

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The Spitfire MkIX

Life is full of surprises! Over the last couple of years I have spent a good deal of time working with the Texas Flying Legends Museum and the one thing that I have learned with the group is to be prepared for anything. When I went down to Houston this past weekend I was quite […]

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