A Hurricane with the Hurricane

It was never as fast as the Spitfire, not quite as slick looking nor did it acquire the provenance like the Spitfire but the Hurricane was the RAF’s first single seat monoplane fighter. It gained fame during the Battle of Britain when it was responsible for 60% of the aircraft shot down. The Hurricane was […]

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What’s Next With Your Photography?!

This is an important question that we must be constantly asking ourselves in order to grow. Now is a great time if you haven’t already since it’s a new year. If you don’t know yet what the next step is, then that’s okay. You’re not alone. Every photographer goes through it. But the challenge is […]

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First Combat in a Long Legacy

The American Volunteer Group is one of the most studied and talked about combatants from WWII. Their legacy is a mix of lore and legends most of which are still debated. The veterans that are part of the group have slowly faded away to the point where only a handful remain. The one point that […]

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Planes in Snow

Snow is finally coming down in Bozeman which is great since it’s been such a warm and wet Fall. Every year it seems different and I still say Bozeman is the one place where it can be raining, snowing, and sunny at the same time in the same place. Often that means it can be […]

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The Kingcobra

I wanted to post this yesterday but since yesterday was the anniversary of Pearl Harbor it seemed only fitting to push this back a day. The P-63 Kingcobra was somewhat of an unsung hero of WWII with most of the planes being sent to Russia under the Lend Lease Act. But with over 3,300 built […]

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A Day Not to Be Forgotten

Every year I talk about this day because it is one that must be remembered. Seventy Six years ago Pearl Harbor was attacked and in those few hours the fate for many was decided. It set this country on a course that could not be altered and for four years we fought for freedom. Today […]

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One Bad@#$ Cat

The Grumman F7F Tigercat was one mean plane. It’s fast, it’s strong and looks really awesome! Developed by Grumman during WWII the Tigercat never got to see action during WWII but would go on to see combat during the Korean War as a night fighter and attack fighter for the United States Navy and United […]

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The Tiger Moth

The de Havilland DH.82 Tiger Moth is one the most recognizable biplanes in the world partly due to almost 9 thousand having been built. It was the primary trainer for all Commonwealth Fighter pilots and all of Britain’s top WWII Ace’s once flew the Tiger Moth. The Tiger Moth was Geoffrey de Havillands answer to […]

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The Lodestar

The Lodestar was Lockheeds answer for a passenger airliner to compete against Douglas’s DC-3 which was already in widespread use. The Model 14 Super Electra was too expensive to keep up passenger service. The Model 18 Lodestar was based off of the Super Electra design but with an additional 5ft 6in in length which allowed […]

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The Aleutian Campaign From Adak

The battle of the Aleutians was a war that was forgotten in part due to the fear that would arouse if the public knew that the enemy had taken some of the islands in the Aleutian Chain. Kiska and Attu were taken and held for almost a year with a strong garrison on each island, […]

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