Pesky Fences

The hardest part about photography is getting past the mental and physical fences that block our creativity. No matter how hard you try they always seem to be there. The other kind that tend to always be in the way are the ones that are always seen behind an airplane. I don’t know about the […]

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Summer Fly-ins

Summer fly-ins are some the best entertainment you can find. They’re smaller, more intimate and you never know what will show up. Each one is a casual affair where everyone is there to enjoy the spirit of aviation. Now some of these events are invite only but there are many that are open to the […]

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Happy 4th of July!

Happy Fourth to all! Hopefully today is a fun filled day with friends and family, remembering what it is we are celebrating today.

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Miss Piggy

For all you aviation enthusiasts out there, if you have ever been interested in crash sites then this is one that you might have heard of. In 1979 a C-46 Commando went down in Churchill after an engine failure caused a forced landing. The plane was set down just shy of the runway being unable […]

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They all Need Love

My Dad gave me the idea for this blog post while we were at Neighbors Day at Felts Field last weekend. Airshows are unique places to watch people. There’s a lot of activity going on and what’s interesting is which activity draws peoples attention the most. At Neighbors Day Historic Flight brought in their DC-3, […]

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A Week of Rememberance

Since the beginning of June there have been many anniversaries regarding major events of WWII. The Battle of Dutch Harbor, AK honored the 75th anniversary on June 3-4th, the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Midway was June 3-7th and June 6th was the 73rd anniversary of the Normandy Invasion known as D-Day. Since I […]

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Flying with a Goose

There are some things in life you think are going to happen and then there are those moments that you never see coming. Well I had one of those moments flying backseat in a Cessna 185 photographing a Grumman Goose with a F8F Bearcat flying top cover. It was the first time with a Bearcat […]

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In Honor of the Super Sabre

Developed in January 1951, the Super Sabre with it’s 45 degree swept wing, giving it the name Sabre 45, was North American’s next evolution up from the F-86 Sabre. The new plane was accepted November 30th 1951 with a surprising amount of Titanium in the plane. It first flew on May 25th 1953, Seventy Four […]

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In Honor of VE Day

Today is a day to honor the many sacrifices that were made many years ago. Seventy Two years ago, May 8th 1945 was declared VE Day, Victory Europe. The end of WWII in Europe had begun with the German surrender and while the war continued on in the Pacific and peace was not entirely secured […]

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Good Tool at Your Disposal

I’ve always said that when it comes to getting into aviation photography the best place to start is at an airshow. Well if you’re not used to the airshow circuit you may not know where to go. Thankfully there are a couple places online that contain a list of every airshow, not every fly-in those […]

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