One Bad@#$ Cat

The Grumman F7F Tigercat was one mean plane. It’s fast, it’s strong and looks really awesome! Developed by Grumman during WWII the Tigercat never got to see action during WWII but would go on to see combat during the Korean War as a night fighter and attack fighter for the United States Navy and United […]

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The Tiger Moth

The de Havilland DH.82 Tiger Moth is one the most recognizable biplanes in the world partly due to almost 9 thousand having been built. It was the primary trainer for all Commonwealth Fighter pilots and all of Britain’s top WWII Ace’s once flew the Tiger Moth. The Tiger Moth was Geoffrey de Havillands answer to […]

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The Lodestar

The Lodestar was Lockheeds answer for a passenger airliner to compete against Douglas’s DC-3 which was already in widespread use. The Model 14 Super Electra was too expensive to keep up passenger service. The Model 18 Lodestar was based off of the Super Electra design but with an additional 5ft 6in in length which allowed […]

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The Aleutian Campaign From Adak

The battle of the Aleutians was a war that was forgotten in part due to the fear that would arouse if the public knew that the enemy had taken some of the islands in the Aleutian Chain. Kiska and Attu were taken and held for almost a year with a strong garrison on each island, […]

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Reno From the Ground

As more and more planes start rolling into Stead the opportunities become even better. Each year varies with a different showing of planes in attendance each year. This makes for an ever changing atmosphere to work in. The one nice thing is the background, where the natural light hits, the halogen lights, the access, all […]

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Reno in Flight

This coming weekend marks the 54th National Championship Air Races. Lots of great planes, great people and great fun which has already started with planes arriving last week getting qualifying done and practice in on the course. For aviation photographers the Air Races provides a unique set of opportunities. The best part of the races, […]

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Reliving the Battle of Britain

For those that lived in England during WWII, the early years of the war were some of the darkest and scariest. The enemy had already conquered so much in so little time that it seemed they couldn’t be stopped. The Battle of Britain was one of the most crucial battles that happened throughout WWII and […]

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How do you Level a Plane?

This seems to be one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to static aircraft. How do you level the plane when composing? Do you use the wheels, the wings, the ground, the background or the horizon line? There are a number of different ways but what it really comes down to is […]

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The Cockpit Shot

You wouldn’t think this would be a hard photograph to get since all it is is a simple click while the aircraft is static on the ground. But believe it or not it is rather difficult. Basically there are two main reasons why, first is trust. The cockpit is a very personal space for the […]

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The British Fighters

You can’t beat photographing a Hurricane and a Spitfire in Britain! One of the best parts about my latest trip to England was having the chance to photograph both of these amazing aircraft at Duxford. Thanks to the nice folks at the Historic Aircraft Collection nine participants at Dad’s UK Aviation Workshop got a chance […]

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