Panos and Planes

Ever since the merge to pano option was introduced into Adobe Camera Raw, I have been using that technique to bring out more in my visual story telling. It still amazes me how good of a job the computer does with stitching the photos together especially when it comes to aircraft. There are so many […]

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National Aviation Day

It’s great that no matter how old you get you can always learn something new. For instance, after all these years of blogging about aviation I didn’t know that August 19th is officially National Aviation Day. The holiday was created in 1939 by President Roosevelt who decreed this holiday in honor of Orville Wright’s birthday. […]

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The Background Tells the Story

Every photograph is made up of multiple elements and each element is either a detractor or a supporter. It’s our job as visual artists to determine which way those elements go. When it comes to the background, the background can be many different things and still work there really isn’t a rule saying you can […]

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Working the Morning Light

It’s been just a whirlwind of getting caught up over the weekend and thankfully I haven’t missed too much shooting in the process. Over the last several days we have just incredibly smokey skies in the valley and they aren’t even the good kind that provide color, these are just grey. Well this got me […]

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Celebrating VJ Day

My apologies for the tardiness of this well deserved blog post. During the excitement of Photoshop World I had forgotten to get this post finished. Today is a very important day and thankfully as I have been reading online many news outlets have picked up the story today and made to sure to pay tribute […]

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The Three Forks Fly-In

I’m always looking for more events locally to work with and a couple of years ago I found the Three Forks Fly-In hosted by the Montana Antique Aircraft Association in Three Forks, MT. The event starts today and goes all the way through Sunday morning. There are a lot of little fly-ins and gathering in […]

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New Techniques For Old Images

One question that I’m always plagued with is, is it worth going back over older images and refinishing them? As programs become more advanced it becomes easier and easier to finish those favorite photographs that we all take. However, is it worth the time to do so? I truly don’t know the answer but I […]

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Finishing Those Oshkosh Images

Well EAA Airventure Oshkosh has come and gone once again but the images still remain. While I wasn’t able to go to Oshkosh this year I have been to Oshkosh a couple times in the past and as a result I do know the challenges that come with finishing images that come from Oshkosh. I […]

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Amelia Earhart

An Important Birthday

If you’re a history enthusiast like myself then you’ll probably appreciate the significance of today. 118 years ago Amelia Earhart was born. She is possibly the most famous female pilot in history after leading an amazing life in the realm of aviation and ending with a mysterious death. She is most famous for being the […]

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Remembering Oshkosh

With everything going on right now in Wisconsin at EAA Airventure Oshkosh, I thought to myself, “why not write a post about Osh.” In the aviation community Osh is like nothing else. Just the name gets everyone attention because it seems like everybody has gone to Oshkosh at least once. It’s one of the largest […]

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