In Honor of December 7th

75 years ago today marked the beginning of four years of turmoil for the United States. While the rest of the world had already gone to war the US had stayed as neutral as it could be without declaring war. On December 7th 1941 the US Navy was attacked at Pearl Harbor by the Japanese […]

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Can’t be afraid of the Snow

Snow is a great element to work with but is often overlooked in certain fields. While it is most commonly photographed with outdoor sports such as skiing and snowboarding, as well as with landscape photography to which I am guilty, it is also an important aspect when it comes to aviation. Planes don’t stop flying […]

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Enemies Together

Once a upon a time these two great planes were adversaries over the skies of Europe. The sleek and sizzling Spitfire and the fastest plane in the sky, or at least at that time. We never got to see the true potential of the Me 262 during combat which is probably a good thing for […]

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Buzzin through the skies

There’s nothing quite like hearing a Pratt & Whitney R-2800 radial engine go whizzing by you. It’s just feels good. What’s amazing is how loud they are until you hear an F-16 or F-18 go by and then they seem quiet in comparison. In order to capture that feeling in a photograph one might think […]

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That Early Morning Reward

I’ve seen a lot of really good sunrises and sunsets but it still gets me whenever a great comes along. While down in Houston, TX a week ago we had one spectacular morning shooting at Ellington Field. It was Sunday morning during the Wings Over Houston Airshow that the skies just lit up! At first […]

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The Little Red Biplane that Could

One of the most impressive acrobatic displays that can been seen at any airshow is performed by Sean Tucker in his Team Oracle Biplane. It truly is an amazing performance that combines high altitude manuevers with on the ground stunts. Over the years I have been fortunate to photograph his show several times but every […]

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Texas Flying Legends Over Ellington

Among the performers at Wings Over Houston was the Texas Flying Legends Museum. Their routine of six WWII warbirds flying bombing and straffing runs across the field always leaves the crowd in awe. Combined with their flying is the pyrotechnics that literally make people jump back. Photographing this group is a cinch. With the D5 […]

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First look at Wings Over Houston

Wings over Houston is over already but the joy of all the images that came from the weekend are just starting. With over ten thousand images over two days of shooting, there will be lots to get through and certainly more to come but here’s a quick one from the start of shooting.

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Wings Over Houston has Arrived!

This weekend is the Wings Over Houston Airshow which is one of my favorite airshows and is one of the last in the circuit for this year. While the planes have gathered up today the shows starts tomorrow. This two day airshow is jammed pack with performers, planes and reenactors. One of the main sponsor […]

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The F7F Tigercat

The F7F Tigercat is one of the rarer warbirds flying in the world with only 364 built between 1943-1946 only seven are airworthy and only a dozen survivors in total. The Tigercat was built too late to be used in WWII but served in Korea as a night fighter and attack aircraft used in Marine […]

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