Sometimes You Just Need a Reason to Post About a Big Plane

Truthfully I don’t need a reason, I’m always happy to put up a picture of a big bomber. Most of these planes were work horses then and after WWII. Well today actually marks an interesting day in aviation history, in 1944 B-29 bombers of the Twentieth Air Force took off from Air Bases in China […]

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The C-47 Skytrain

Since this week is honoring the 72nd anniversary of D-Day, it seemed appropriate to put up another post about the C-47, C-53, or DC-3. Without a doubt one of the most well used aircraft to come out of WWII the, DC-3 with all of it’s conversions made it such a versatile plane. Many are well […]

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In Memory of D-Day

Today is a very important day in World History. Seventy Two years ago, thousands of allied ships and men stormed the beaches of Normandy to break the German hold on Europe. While it was only part of a much larger war, it was the start of getting back what was taken. Many brave men were […]

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A Little Light Goes A Long Ways

The T-38 Talon was the first supersonic jet trainer. It was used throughout the US for years and is still in use with Air Forces around the world currently. NASA has been using the T-38 for years for training and testing astronauts and this particular one is one of those jets photographed down in Houston. […]

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Launch of Operation Chastise

Today marks an important day in aviation history, today marks the launch of Operation Chastise which was a British plan to bomb German Dams in the Ruhr Valley causing both economic and moral devastation. For years it was proposed to bomb the dams but no one could devise a way to do enough damage to […]

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Friday Fun

It’s been such an interesting week that I haven’t had time yet to go shooting with the D5 but this weekend is another story. I thought why not post one last shot from the trip back to North Dakota this past week with the Texas Flying Legends Museum. The four fighters were grouped up as […]

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Erickson’s Collection

There are many great museums in this country, it’s something that we are fortunate to have. Erickson’s Collection in Madras, OR is one that I was just introduced to last week but it’s a great collection of aircraft! Originally started in 1983 at Tillamook, OR in one of the old blimp hangars at the NAS […]

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A Different Year But a Similar Image

It’s funny how time repeats itself. Two years ago at Planes of Fame I saw this image of a P-38 with the tower behind it and the neon lights giving off starbursts. Well on the last day I was up for sunrise photographing the statics and I couldn’t help but notice the same situation present […]

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Remembering VE Day

Yesterday wasn’t just Mother’s Day but also the 71st anniversary of VE Day, or Victory Europe. It marked the end of WWII in Europe with the surrender of Germany. Last year a very special flyover of our nation’s capitol was made possible with the help of several groups and organizations. This short video tells the […]

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One Heck of a Flight

On the way back to Minot this past week the Texas Flying Legends Museum’s aircraft took a northern route through California, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. Along the way we passed over some absolutely beautiful scenery. We reached our destination in the early afternoon, Glacier National Park. This once in a lifetime opportunity added another chapter […]

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