A Day to Remember and Give Thanks

Today we honor those that participated in the Doolittle Raid. 73 years ago eighty men, flying sixteen B-25 Mitchell bombers took off of the aircraft carrier USS Hornet and bombed major industrial cities, including Tokyo, on Honshu Island in the heart of Japan. After the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941, which launched […]

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When to go Black and White

When to convert an image to black and white? This has always been a question that I have asked and is often answered during the moment of capture. Sometimes it’s the subject or sometimes it’s the mood of the moment, but something about the moment it clicks that makes you think, “hey that will be […]

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Those Rainy Day Projects

I can’t believe I’m actually saying this in February but we’ve had so many rainy days over the last few weeks that it has made shooting rather difficult. I truly don’t like it when the skies are grey as I have talked about so often but it does provide a silver lining. The one major […]

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Using the Sun as the Background

If there is one thing that I have learned shooting airplanes is that the sun while able to create some of the most beautiful light, can also be one of the best backgrounds. Everyone has seen an image with a starburst in it. It was a very popular trend for a while, then it died […]

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Twelve O’Clock High

Have you ever had one of those mornings where you hear something or see something and it just sparks a creative reaction? Well that happened to me over the weekend. Like most of the rest of the country I spent a good part of my weekend watching the game which led to more computer time […]

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The importance of Shutter Speed in a Stack Up

In the Winter months I often go through and get images processed that I otherwise didn’t have time to go through during the busy Summer months. This past Fall at the Wings Over Houston Airshow we had the great joy of seeing a replica ME262 and a P-51D Mustang fly formation together. While these once […]

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Wake Island

Continuing with the events that occurred after Pearl Harbor. While the attack on Pearl was going on, the international dateline showed that on December 8th, the same time, Japanese forces were attacking Wake Island. Some of the radio transmissions caused confusion thinking that the first attacks on Pearl were actually going on at Wake. This […]

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As Usual, Dad Says it Right

Earlier this week I received my latest edition of EAA Warbirds which I knew had the upcoming piece that Dad and I did together on the Planes of Fame Airshow. When I opened it I couldn’t believe my eyes to see 29 photos used between the two of us. While I was planning out blogs […]

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The Plane Vs. the Submarrine

While the majority of the Pearl Harbor attack was done by air, the Japanese did have a large navy outside the Hawaiian islands including submarines. One of the greatest mysteries of the attack was the use of five Type A midget submarines. Each submarine could hold two people and two torpedoes. Four of the five […]

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The Flying Fortress Around the World

While the B-17 Flying Fortress was one of the most iconic aircraft in the European theater, being seen later in the war as mass droves flying across the skies, they were actually used in all theaters including North Africa, Italy, China and the Pacific. Skipping forward a year, in November of 1942 the Japanese established […]

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