Happy Worldwide Photo Day

As some of you might have heard today is Worldwide Photo Day. IT is a celebration not just for professional photographers but for anyone who enjoys taking pictures. It is meant to honor Joseph Nicèphore Nièpce and Louis Daguerre who in 1837 came up with a photographic process that was recognized in 1839 by the […]

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The Beginning of an Unfortunate Future

Today marks a small event in history that would later become a much larger one. On this day in 1941 the US Navy commissioned the Naval Air Station on Midway Atoll. A little over a year later on June 4 and 6 1942, the famous Battle for Midway was fought between the US Navy and […]

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Some Friday Fun

I have never been much for jets but I still photograph them as subject as opportunity. To me they just lack that luster that is there with warbirds and antiques. That’s just the way I mentally perceive them. They are still amazing pieces of machinery that can do some amazing things. In some ways they […]

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The P-64

EAA Airventure always has a lot to offer and this year was no different. One of the very special planes that was flew was Paul Poberezny’s North American P-64. For those that don’t know Paul Poberezny and his wife Audrey, started EAA many years ago. His old field, hangars and personnel memorabilia including his library […]

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Filling the Frame isn’t Everything

The size of the subject is something that I hear a lot about when it comes to aviation because everyone seems to think that the plane has to fill the frame. A lot of times that is hard to do. Even with the 200-400 VR and high speed crop, the way the airshow is setup […]

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Testing the Low Light Abilities of the D5

The D5 has some amazing abilities but the one that I’ve spent as much time testing is shooting in the dark. At EAA Airventure they do night performances which are always spectacular. Over the years I have come to desire to the great plane with the firework shot to which I have never gotten the […]

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The Snowbirds Stole the Show

The Snowbirds have been a favorite of mine for years. This Canadian Jet Team was been performing for years and each time it is done with such precision that it almost doesn’t seem real since they fly with nine aircraft. The CT-114 Tutor while deceptive simple is an impressive aircraft and even with nine airplanes […]

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This Plane Made a Big Splash!

The Martin Mars was without a doubt one of the biggest highlights of EAA Airventure, Oshkosh 2016. I mean that quite literally as the plane is massive! It’s not as big as Howard Hughes’s Hercules seaplane plane, also known as the Spruce Goose, but since that plane only flew once it was never considered operational […]

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The Museum Has it All

EAA Airventure has a lot to offer but no trip to Oshkosh is complete without a stop at the EAA Airventure Museum. The museum has some of the rarest aircraft in the world sitting on display for people. Most of the planes in the museum are actual first, either the the first one made or […]

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Texas Flying Legends at Oshkosh

Airventure 2016 was a blast! Back home at the office now and loving going through the 30K images I took at Oshkosh. It’s a fun process. EAA Airventure offers a lot of different events to enjoy. Each year is different but each time you leave feeling like you need a vacation because so much goes […]

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