Wings Over Houston has Arrived!

This weekend is the Wings Over Houston Airshow which is one of my favorite airshows and is one of the last in the circuit for this year. While the planes have gathered up today the shows starts tomorrow. This two day airshow is jammed pack with performers, planes and reenactors. One of the main sponsor […]

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The F7F Tigercat

The F7F Tigercat is one of the rarer warbirds flying in the world with only 364 built between 1943-1946 only seven are airworthy and only a dozen survivors in total. The Tigercat was built too late to be used in WWII but served in Korea as a night fighter and attack aircraft used in Marine […]

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The Guppy

It always amazes me what people are able to create to accomplish certain jobs. The NASA Super Guppy is one of those creations. This very odd shaped plane was designed to carry equipment that was too long or tall for commercial cargo planes. The Fuselage was actually taken from a C-97J Turbo Stratocruiser, which was […]

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Fun Thursday

There are those days that a good lesson doesn’t reveal itself so all that’s left is a good photo. Here’s a quick one of a Taylorcraft BC12-D I photographed this past summer in North Dakota.

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Use Light to Bring out the Details

A big part of aviation is actually the little parts. The details of each aircraft help to define that aircraft and need to be photographed individually as well as a whole. But how do you do that? One of the most romantic ways is to use a little spot lighting either with a flash, a […]

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Riding in History

The P-40’s were certainly the highlight of Atlanta Warbird Weekend but there were many other planes there to enjoy and some of those planes offered rides. Those that do aviation photography know the joy that comes when doing an air to air shoot. Being able to ride in one plane and photograph another. The same […]

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The Hangar tells the Story

As I talked about in my post yesterday, the planes are not always the most important element in the story. At Dekalb Peachtree Airport, outside Atlanta GA, the Atlanta Warbird Weekend was held in part at the Epps Hangar. Mr. Pat Epps bought the hangar and started his business at the airport many many years […]

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Family’s are Important for Planes

A big part of aviation is the people that come out to see the planes. While the planes represent a significant historical look into the past, they are also a tool to get kids and veterans inspired and educated on what happened throughout WWII. The planes truly would not be here today if there was […]

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Five P-40’s Gets all the Attention

The Atlanta Warbird Weekend ended yesterday after two days of people coming out to see the five P-40’s that flew out for the event. It’s not very often that five P-40’s show up at any one event and the people that came out were true fans of the aircraft. Sunday people were staying until the […]

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A Great Start to Atlanta Warbird Weekend!

I’m down in Atlanta this weekend for the Atlanta Warbird Weekend being hosted at Dekalb Peachtree Airport in honor of the 75th Anniversary of the American Volunteer Group. The Texas Flying Legends Museum brought their two P-40’s down for the weekend piloted by Bernie Vasquez and Steve-o Hinton. The planes and crews arrived yesterday bringing […]

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