Some really Cool Waterfowl

It’s been a long time since I worked with critters in the amplitude that I was in Africa. It was a lot of reteaching myself how to shoot. Looking back at my images now that the trip was over I started critiquing myself a little bit more. I’m still quite happy with my results but every now and then I find an image that I go, “wait why did I do that?” Well I was thinking about this as I was shooting the different critters that kept popping up as everyone presented itself with a different lighting situation.


This a Hamerkop which is a great little duck like bird that we found in the reeds wading in the smallest little pond imaginable. Seriously I didn’t even think there was anything even living in this green water bed and yet he managed to find something. He stuck around for a long time which made photographing him very enjoyable. He has great gesture which comes naturally with the extended feathers on the back of his head, giving him his name.

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