Day 1 Yellowstone Landscapes

This was the view at Firehole Falls, well sorta. I wasn’t actually looking at the falls this was towards the mountains above just as the light was just coming over. As soon as i saw the snag up top in front of the sun i knew that it might make a good black and white. Since the sun was still behind the clouds, there was no lens flare making for a cleaner shot.

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These last two shots came from Fountain Paint Pots. The Paint Pots, along with all geothermal vents, create a lot of steam. The steam creates hoarfrost on the pine trees closest to the vents, then behind those trees are green pine trees where the temperature change isn’t enough to cover them in hoarfrost. The contrast between the steam, hoarfrost, and variants in the trees can create dynamic black and whites. Shooting with this in mind along with a little ACR and Silver Efex Pro makes it real easy to get good images.

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Behind the steam and some of the paint pots is a little pool that isn’t as warm as the paint pots but is still geothermal. On the rear left corner of this pool were these two little trees. Well the steam had made them both well coated with hoarfrost, and the light at the time was bright enough that a nice reflection was created. With all this in mind, i realized that it would make a kinda cool shot. Reflections in geothermal vents are always cool and are something that I’m always looking for.

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Images captured with Nikon D3, AF-S 70-200 VrII, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

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