Captains Log: Supplemental, Rare Occurence In Progress

Tuesday morning was at another great spot, but then in Yosemite there aren’t many spots that are bad. Superintendent Meadow was our destination and its a doozy of a place. Not as many old Oak Trees as El Cap Meadow but with some very interesting ones. At first glance it seemed like it would be a boring morning, trees one side and Yosemite Falls on the other. I did my usual and started wandering away from the group. Across the Mercede River was a nice little grove and a white church, both were intriguing. The fog just wasn’t as grand as i was hoping for. Then, all of a sudden the light started to travel down the side of the falls and it became clear that it would be a magnificent morning

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Slowly the light crept further and further down, lighting up the waterfall as it crept. Across the bridge was Dad and Kevin so i headed over that way to hang with the pack. We all stood in awe as the light just radiated between the granite.

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Finally the light reached a point where two rainbows emerged. The first was at the base of the falls where the snow cap was and is normally seen everyday. The second was further to the side and stretched all the way above the treeline. Dad even said in all the years that he had been coming to the valley he had never seen this happen before. What caused the ocurrence, known of really know. The best explanation was that the snow cap had melted and that was enough to create the second rainbow. Whatever the reason we all enjoyed the sight.

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Images captured with Nikon D3, AF-S VrII 70-200 f2.8, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

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