Back down in Palm Springs

This past Saturday was the reunion for the 100th Bomber groups 8th division down in Palm Springs, at the Palm Springs Air Museum. Dad and I thought it would be fun and worthwhile to go so we went for another suicide run down there. I say suicide because its almost seven hours down and then the same back up. Of course that’s one of the benefits of two drivers. Gotta admit though writing this post is difficult my eyes still feel tired. The first time we went down to Palm Springs wasn’t that long ago and that was for the T33 Shooting Star. Both events were quite different, from the demo flights, to the arrangement of planes even to the amount of people. The T33 had in general more people but the bomber group had more family and relatives show up. The aircraft inside and out were switched around too.

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Instead of the Navy planes being outside for display, they were all tucked away and the fighters were brought out. The Supercobra, P47, and the P40. Even the B25 was outside in view. The P47 was looking great it was parked first in line like the Avenger was the last time. The challenges were there, the fence, the other planes, the bald skies. Thankfully this time there was no dust in the sky so it very clear. Great looking plane, can’t wait to see it fly. We both walked around the plane taking in every angle.

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While walking around, shooting from low and high angles with the 24-70 my primary close-up lens, i didn’t notice the nose art. As i finished walking around the plane i saw it and was quite surprised by the name. It made me chuckle.

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Images captured with Nikon D3, Nikkor AF-S 24-70 f2.8, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

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