First day of DLWS Bozeman

I got a bit behind on blogging lately, tis the inevitable result of being distracted by other projects. We’re back up here in Montana for DLWS Bozeman, which has been a long time awaited event by much of the staff. Friday and Saturday was good’ol scout day where we went to a Hyalite canyon which goes along a creek and up to a reservoir. Up top is also a path that goes to a waterfall that i have yet been too. Along the way we stopped at different pullouts looking for “the right spot.” We found one that works great and had a beautiful rapid to work with. Had to climb down a slippery embankment but no breaking of bones occurred.

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Yesterday was the official start and it was a little soggy one at that. We headed up Hyalite Canyon for the first morning shoot, going against the wind and rain. The weather report said snow above 6000ft, we hoped the pullout was the high up. As we got closer it looked like we would be wet the whole time, well we were, but after about ten minutes at the local we had snow. Big wet flakes that went splat against us and our equipment. Working with snow has always been fun, but can be dangerous. Wet roads and slippery rocks made for a cautious scenario. Thankfully no one was hurt and everyone experienced the beginning of a Montana winter.

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The afternoon was at the one place that has always driven me nuts, the stockyard. This place has kicked my ass more times than i care to admit and it did once again. The challenge for me has always been finding a shot that is a good example of what the place is. It is an old factory sitting next to a cattle stockyard. The buildings aren’t in use anymore and frankly aren’t in the best of shape. With the nice storm coming through the focus, at least for myself, was the contrast between the snow and the structures. This particular metal warehouse had a tree still in fall color beside it and green fringes around the doors and roofs. The appeal was there but what i saw wasn’t quite the result the came of it. The wind picking up moving the leafs and blowing away the snow didn’t help either.

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Images captured with D3, AF-S Nikkor 70-200 Vr, AF-S Nikkor 24-70 f4, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

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