Flying high and fast

Oh those jets just scream by and they make it look so easy. The F18 was there doing more demos and thrills then my trigger finger could capture. The take off alone was great. The F18 just whizzed by and left a nice vapor trail to pick up. This the first time i was able to pick up that jet wash on take off. Kinda fun.

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As i said this guy kept doing stunts back and forth across the sky. The sonic booms that came from the plane made the whole media center shake. Those were the good ones. This was one of my more favorite ones, just casually going across the sky….upside down. Why not it can handle it, my stomach probably wouldn’t but he can.

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Then there was the C-130 during take off before the air to air shoot. Just a massive transport that kicks up more dust than our sensors can hold. The light was great on it as it always is late in the afternoon. It flew off carrying a load of eager photographers with one awesome opportunity. While the rest of us stayed behind enjoying the ones we were given.

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Images captured with D3, AF-S NIKKOR 200-400 VR, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

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