Working Rocky Mountain Elk

You know you’re not disturbing the the subject if it falls asleep. This may seem a little counter intuitive but if you’re working with wildlife and your subject falls asleep then that means that it feels safe. Critters are constantly on the alert for predators and a person gives off that same feeling of distrust […]

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One of the Best Winter Creatures

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep aren’t just one of the best winter creatures to photograph they are also one of my favorite. While they are technically still sheep their behavior is so fascinating that they draw attention. Everything from how they butt heads, climb steep cliffs and drink only once a day makes them interesting. In […]

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NASA’s High Altitude Explorers

NASA started using U-2’s in 1971 for high altitude data collection of Earth’s resources, oceanic processes, atmospheric chemistry and celestial observations. The aircraft were also used for satellite calibration, satellite data validation and electronic sensor research and development. In 1981 and 1989 NASA purchased the ER-2 to replace the U-2’s. The ER-2’s being an updated […]

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Chasing the Light

It’s an interesting feeling chasing the light. It’s a mixture of anxiety as you try to find that subject that captivates the day and then when you find it there’s a sigh of relief and a feeling of satisfaction that the hunt wasn’t wasted. Then of course there are the chases that end in nothing, […]

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More Steam!

As I posted about yesterday, steam can be great for any winter image whether it’s black an white or not. It truly depends on the story on you are trying to tell. In this case, showcasing the life in the north. Granted this is a little extreme and most don’t fish in below freezing weather, […]

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Is Black & White the Best Option for Steam?

I absolutely love steam! Steam is a very graphic element in nature and it can be shaped and molded in so many different ways. Light is the best way to mold and if you watch geothermal spot all day you’ll see how different the steam looks throughout the day as the light changes. It’s a […]

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Pick Up the Camera and Shoot

It can be hard at times to find the motivation to get out shooting. You start thinking about having to drive somewhere, the time it takes, the work you haven’t done, the other things you could be doing, etc. We’ve all been there and we all struggle with it. But the simple fact is if […]

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Any Subject Can Become a Great Subject

One of the best parts about working with aircraft is every airplane can become a great subject. The plane doesn’t necessarily have to be old, a veteran, or even rare. Each one has it’s own story and it’s own geometry which can make for a good photograph. This Luscombe T8F Observer, photographed with the D5 […]

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How Do You Show It’s Cold?

To say my friends and myself are spoiled when we go out fishing is an understatement. But when the weather service says it will be over 20 degrees and the high ends up being 16, well being spoiled becomes a necessity. There are many ways to show it’s cold out but this image seemed so […]

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Starting the New Year Right

At the end of every year we make our own self goals that we think will help make the next year better. Being human, by the end of the month usually we are already off from our goal list. The best advice has always been to keep it simple. Make goals that can be achieved […]

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