The Beginning of Midway

I actually wasn’t going to talk about the Battle of Midway. This is more of a fun fact when it comes to history. August 18th 1941, the US Navy commissions US Navy Air Station at Midway Atoll. This small hunk of worthless land in the Pacific, which never saw more then nesting birds on it, […]

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The F6F Hellcat

I realize I haven’t done a true aviation weekly post in a while and this actually won’t be a true one either. I wanted to talk a little bit about the Hellcat today since, one, I haven’t yet and two, there is actually an important date that coincides with today and the history of the […]

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The Red Sun

There are some really cool atmospheric illusions that can be used in photography to make some really interesting images. The one I want to harp on is the red sun. You see this often when there is lots of smoke in the air blocking out most of the light coming from the sun. It’s one […]

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Where’s the Blue?!

Smoke can really just be a burden when it comes to photography. It creates this nasty grey haze that you really can’t do anything about. Granted we can’t control the weather to begin with but when it’s thick smoke and the wind is just making it worse, then no matter if it’s sunrise, middle of […]

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Devils in the Details

Last week I talked a little bit about how it just takes one subject to make me happy with an airshow or flyin and part of that has to do with the little details. Each plane is unique just like each plane owner and pilot, thus capturing all those little details is important to the […]

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Long Lens Portrait

How do you approach a portrait? Is the end result going to represent a style or mood or is the image going to tell a story? What’s the purpose of the image. These are very important questions to think about when doing a portrait because portraits are often very personal photographs to the people in […]

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B-24’s over Iwo Jima

On October 19th 1940 the Seventh Air Force was established in Hawaii providing Air Defense of the islands before going to the Pacific Theater where it fought in many of the major air battles during WWII. From Pearl Harbor to the Battle of Okinawa the Seventh Air Force’s Fighter, Bombers and Transports saw a lot […]

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The Thinktank StreetWalker Rolling Backpack V2.0

I got a new bag in the office! I’m actually quite excited. This is the Thinktank Streetwalker Rolling Backpack V2.0, part of Thinktank’s Streetwalker series. It’s to be versatile as a roller and a backpack. The shoulder straps fold up into the back and sealed in a zipper compartment. It’s pretty slick. It’s designed to […]

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The Lindbergh Hangar

One of the best parts about being a photographer is you never know where it will take you. Each time you step behind the camera you get a chance to learn something new or experience something you hadn’t before. This past weekend at the Three Forks Fly-in I got the chance to go over to […]

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How Many Subjects Do You Need?

It’s funny some of the questions you get asked when you’re walking around with a camera on your shoulder. Sometimes they are good questions, sometimes they aren’t. It kind of comes with the territory because not everyone knows that much about photography. The one that I hear at airshows often is more of a statement […]

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