In Honor of Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day! Today is a very special today in which we honor those that have fallen protecting the freedoms that we enjoy everyday. If you see a veteran today, or any day, be sure to stop and say thank you.

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More Then Just a Holiday

Memorial Day isn’t just a holiday, there is an important reason why schools, banks, mail delivery and government offices are closed. It started after the Civil War and was officially established in 1971. Memorial Day is when we stop for a day and give thanks to those that gave their life to protect this country. […]

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In Honor of the Super Sabre

Developed in January 1951, the Super Sabre with it’s 45 degree swept wing, giving it the name Sabre 45, was North American’s next evolution up from the F-86 Sabre. The new plane was accepted November 30th 1951 with a surprising amount of Titanium in the plane. It first flew on May 25th 1953, Seventy Four […]

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Using Flash at Night

Believe it or not I actually do very little flash work at night. Most of the time I use it during the day to remove harsh shadows and bring up the color in my subjects. Those same principles still apply at night but it might seem a little counter intuitive considering that a flash has […]

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Prints Are Memories

Prints aren’t just a great business tool for photographers, they are lasting memories they hang on our walls and get looked at everyday. With that in mind I give away a lot of prints. They are a business tool and one way to be remembered is to have a print on someone else’s wall. Last […]

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What’s the Best Paper?

Decisions, Decisions. There are a lot of different papers out there to print on, each one usually has a fancy title that makes it more appealing. But if you look past that and you look at the weight, thickness and coating you will start to see a big difference in quality. There are two things […]

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Focus Forward

If you’ve spent time working waterways then at some point you’ve seen or heard one of these guys busily moving about. Marsh Wrens are really cool birds that are constantly on the move. They blend in perfectly with their environment and are built to go in between the reeds with ease. This makes tracking them […]

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May is for Douglas

There are a few important dates to remember in May when it comes to aviation history but one of the ones that doesn’t get looked at as much is the first flight and first acceptance of the Douglas DC-2. The DC-2 first flew on May 11th and was accepted by Trans World Airlines May 18th […]

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Visit Your Local Ponds

Spring is a great time to be working with birds and one of the best spots to go is your local pond. You’d be amazed at what you can find at those public waterways. Often times it’s local species that are more on the common side but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve attention, like […]

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Mothers Day Savings Still Going On

Even though Mothers Day has gone by, savings at B&H are still going on this week and some all the way into June. Here’s a list of the ones available and how long they are going to go for. Nikon through June 3rd Sigma through May 16th Panasonic through May 20th Canon through June 3rd […]

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