Working inside with a Plane

Working inside ay building can be a challenge due to the multiple light sources and the lack of light in certain areas. Aircraft are no different. But aircraft tend to have two benefits going for them, they are made of metal which is naturally a reflective surface and most aircraft are stored within a big […]

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Happy 100th Nikon!

What an amazing day for Nikon! The camera company with a humble beginning turned 100. I have shot with Nikon products for years and have never been disappointed. I can’t wait to see what the future will bring. Nikon has gone ahead and made that possible by revealing the D850. You can read about all […]

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Such an Amazing Plane

The Howard 500 is a pretty remarkable corporate sled that has survived for over sixty years. With only a handful built, roughly 22, two flying examples exist that are seen regularly on the airshow circuit. While they were built from the jigs of Lockheed Lodestars and Venturas, the Howard 500 was designed as a new […]

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Gotta Be Respectful

When it comes to working with wildlife every species deserves respect. Each one lives a life that we try to understand but we truly can’t since critters can’t talk to us with words, only body language and sounds. As photographers it is our jobs to interpret theses signals and acknowledge them. Well aquatic species are […]

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Big Storms, Big Drama

I always love chasing a good afternoon summer thunderstorm. Each one is different and each one can have some serious drama in the clouds. This brings up the old adage of the rule of thirds and a foreground anchor. Both of these are long held beliefs in the landscape world but both rules are easily […]

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The Big Picture

There are certain elements that exist within the areas you live that symbolize where you live. The connotation with Montana is of course the old west, cowboys, open space, etc. Well one element that I don’t incorporate as often are cows. Cattle is a big part of what makes Montana but in landscape shots they […]

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The Humor with Critters

There is always an element of humor when it comes to wildlife because as a human we try to humanize everything that we see. Every critter is unique and has its own characteristics which we identify with human emotions. Sometimes this can be a great thing because it forces us to be more engaged with […]

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Pesky Fences

The hardest part about photography is getting past the mental and physical fences that block our creativity. No matter how hard you try they always seem to be there. The other kind that tend to always be in the way are the ones that are always seen behind an airplane. I don’t know about the […]

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Dealing with the Background

Belted Kingfisher’s are a common North American bird species but despite that they are among the most annoying subjects to try and get a clean shot of. They are found by rivers, streams, ponds and lakes. Their primary food supply is tiny fish that they dive for. Surprisingly they nest in tunnels along the shoreline […]

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D5 Firmware Update

Hey everybody. Nikon has come out with a huge firmware update for the D5 today. Lots of features have been added and some issues have been resolved. Click here to download the update and to see the list of changes.

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