It Makes Your Eyes Pop!

Nope I was talking about Flash not the fish, although it’s doing a pretty good job of that too. Flash doesn’t just make things brighter, it makes color pop and sometimes that’s more important then how bright the subject is. When it comes to working with a reflective subject you really have to be careful […]

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Shallow or Max DOF with Landscapes?

It’s fun to play around with this area because you can make some very interesting and some very bad images as a result. While I have some basic guidelines that I myself go by, I’m always playing around with landscapes because there is a lot of room to do just that. When it comes to […]

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When Blue Sky Landscapes Work

I often don’t like shooting landscapes that have just a blue sky because they are kind of boring. Unless there is a lot going on in the composition, having a lot of blue sky just doesn’t make for much of an interesting composition. Why is that? Landscapes are often a multitude of colors and there […]

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The Kingcobra

I wanted to post this yesterday but since yesterday was the anniversary of Pearl Harbor it seemed only fitting to push this back a day. The P-63 Kingcobra was somewhat of an unsung hero of WWII with most of the planes being sent to Russia under the Lend Lease Act. But with over 3,300 built […]

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A Day Not to Be Forgotten

Every year I talk about this day because it is one that must be remembered. Seventy Six years ago Pearl Harbor was attacked and in those few hours the fate for many was decided. It set this country on a course that could not be altered and for four years we fought for freedom. Today […]

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Flash and Snow

For those of you who are fortunate enough to have snow in your backyard, then I’m guessing at some point you’ve wanted to take pictures in the snow or have already. Living in Montana snow is one of the great perks and getting to work with snow can be a lot of fun and also […]

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Where’s the Snow?!

December is often associated with winter, snow and of course Christmas. The one thing I’ve learned out of all my years living here in Montana is that winter can never be predicted. Even the weathermen a day beforehand can’t figure out what it’s going to do. So how as a photographer do you deal with […]

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Weird Weather Shooting

It’s impossible to predict what each season will bring and the more time you spend behind the camera the more you see those changes as the years pass by. It makes landscape photography more interesting that way because the same day, a year a part, can be complete opposites. The other reality is this happens […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Big Savings at B&H!

B&H has started early with great deals for the upcoming Black Friday. If you’re thinking about upgrading this holiday season or need that last little tax deduction then maybe it’s worth taking a look at. Here’s the link to all the great options with Nikon products.

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