It Always Comes Back to Light

No matter what tool, what technique or what challenge you give yourself, it always comes back to light. That one simple thing that we can’t avoid and must always abide by. Shooting at f/1.8 was a lot of fun in part because you can really maximize light. So much more light is coming in that […]

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Is it Better to Be Far Away or Close Up?

Continuing on with my theme for this week about depth of field, is it better to be physically close to your subject to maximize the impact of the shallow depth of field, the subject and the distance between your subject and the background or is it better to be far away? If you’ve spent any […]

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Shallow Depth of Field

Depth of field is a powerful tool that we must take full use of every time we step behind the camera. The relationship between the subject and the other elements in the photograph is key to telling the story and either maximizing or minimizing the amount of information we see by changing the depth of […]

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Remembering Our Veterans

Today we honor all those that have fought for our country. This country was not founded in a day. It took time to build it and to keep it going takes the strength of those willing to fight for it. While it is a holiday for some be sure if you see a veteran of […]

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Longer Lenses For Landscapes

I really like using longer lenses even mid range lenses when it comes to landscapes. I often find that there are avenues in landscape photography that make for a stronger composition then if you were to use a wider lens and capture more info. A big part of landscape photography is finding those areas where […]

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A Break From the Storm

Well it’s starting to feel like winter already which is kind of amazing considering how short fall was. With this last big storm that swept across Montana, a blanket of snow was dropped and it was a pretty good size blanket. We got a good foot here in the valley which is actually typical for […]

November 6th, 2017 | Comments Off on A Break From the Storm

The Fall Run is Almost Over

There are a number of ways to mark the fall season whether it’s Football, Baseball, Halloween or even Mid terms, but my favorite for the last couple of years has been Brown Trout. Fall is when the bigs boys move back into the streams and big their spawn and for any angler it’s the one […]

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One Bad@#$ Cat

The Grumman F7F Tigercat was one mean plane. It’s fast, it’s strong and looks really awesome! Developed by Grumman during WWII the Tigercat never got to see action during WWII but would go on to see combat during the Korean War as a night fighter and attack fighter for the United States Navy and United […]

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Fall Color and Snow

Whenever someone says fall color the mind instantly goes to leaves. Mine doesn’t. I think about the geothermal’s that exist in Yellowstone because in the Fall there is more visible activity coming from the geothermal then there is Summer. The colder temps make for more dramatic compositions and the colors can be just as striking […]

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Happy Halloween!

The wolf has been a classic villain for years, as every child knows having grown up with stories like the Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood. Today they are still seen as villains by some as one of the dominate predators in the land. The reality and the fantasy of the creature will […]

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